Full Day Institute
Wednesday June 13, 2018
Gender Creative Early Learners

Presented by
Karen Russell & Jessica Dallman

Target Audience: mental health professionals, educators, school support staff, and everyone who works with children and families.

Children typically solidify their gender between the ages of 3-6, but what happens when family, society, and your own body says that you are a boy or a girl, but your brain tells something different? What does a young learner do whose gender orientation is at odds with his or her apparent biology, and what can it look like when she or he begins to express that disconnect How can children so young express something so complicated? And how do we, as adults, know what to do with this information. How can we support young learners in expressing what they feel they truly are, while supporting other children and ourselves in this diverse expression? How can we create environments that are supportive of all children, that foster positive self-esteem and include gender identification as a part of self-expression? How does being transgender or gender creative affect an individuals’ mental health and sense of self? Come to this session and we will explore these topics together and learn from each other.


About the Presenters

Karen Russell is an Early Childhood Program Support Teacher at CESA 2. She has taught in the field as an Early Interventionist in Birth to Three programs, an ECSE teacher, a 4K teacher and a 5K teacher for over 20 years. Her current work supports teachers and school districts in the CESA 2 area as they implement best practices for young children and their families. Karen is also the proud parent of 3 beautiful children, one of whom is gifted in gymnastics, loves fashion, creates amazing slime and who is identifying as transgender.

Jessica Dallman in a non-binary Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Natural Wisdom Counseling. Jess specializes in trauma, attachment, and relationships and is passionate about integrating multiple disciplines (Deaf Education, Early Intervention, EMDR, social justice, wilderness therapy, equine therapy, and play therapy) together. In action, Jess weaves together tools to support the whole person, as well as address the whole system that clients come from by the time they reach the office. When not with clients, Jess can be found hiking, rock climbing, reading, writing, or spending time with family.

Cost to attend: $175
(Includes full breakfast, lunch, and snacks)  CEUs provided.

Or attend the full Conference on June 11-13 for an additional fee.

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