The Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact Executive Council recently distributed this message to help increase awareness of the resources available for both families and professionals in Wisconsin:


Dear Partners in Promoting Children’s Mental Health,


After a significant review of the children’s mental health system in Wisconsin, the Children’s Mental Health Collective Impact identified a gap: though resources are available for children with mental health needs, parents and providers alike struggle to find those resources. This message is intended to broadly share information about options for where to find information about supporting children’s social, emotional, and mental well-being. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the websites below!


Wisconsin has some excellent resources, 2-1-1 and Wisconsin First Step, to connect families and professionals with community-based health and human services. The 2-1-1 Wisconsin resource site provides a variety of services including housing, food, utilities, health care, employment, mental health, child care, and legal services. Wisconsin First Step is a database of behavioral and mental health resources for children and youth including counseling and therapy, alternative therapies, crisis mental health services, and support and education for families. Both databases may be accessed through on-line, call-in or live chat options. Please see the links below for more details on children’s behavioral health services.