Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice promoting Infant Mental Health® is an internationally recognized credential developed by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MI-AIMH) with input from leading experts across the nation.  The IMH-Endorsement® system is based upon a comprehensive set of competencies that identify the knowledge, skills and reflective approaches that promote high standards of IMH practice across disciplines and in multiple service settings.

The IMH-Competencies® provide the framework for IMH practice.  When applying for IMH-Endorsement® an applicant is required to demonstrate acquisition of the IMH-Competencies® through education, work, reflective supervision, and specialized training experiences.

Sounds simple, right?  Not necessarily.  On their own, the IMH-Competencies® can seem abstract, just some categories and words on paper.  However, the process of applying for IMH-Endorsement® can turn an abstract set of terms into a useable, dynamic framework for thinking carefully about ones work, professional development and growth, and agency practice and values.  Moreover, the IMH-Competencies® can, and should, continue to serve as a framework to guide ongoing practice and professional growth throughout one’s career, rather than just a means to an end of earning IMH-Endorsement®.

In completing the Endorsement® application process, an applicant is required to think about how he or she uses and integrates the IMH-Competencies® into their work with or on behalf of infants, young children and families.  For the Specialized Training tab of the application, the applicant is required to enter 30-45 hours of specialized IMH training and then self-select the IMH Competencies® they believe were met by each training event.

So we encourage you to review the attached chart and get to know the IMH Competencies®.

Click here to view and/or download the chart.

  • Think critically about which competencies you have gained and which ones you still need to acquire or increase your exposure to; use the competencies to consider where you might want to expand and deepen your IMH practice and growth.
  • Think of the children and families with whom you’ve worked, or specific examples in your day-to-day work where holding an IMH framework and lens has shifted your thinking or approach.

And finally, consider applying for IMH-Endorsement® and become part of a professional network that shares your values related to relationship-based and reflective practices!

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