As a friend of WI-AIMH, we know that you understand the importance of establishing a strong foundation of social and emotional development to ensure lifelong health and well-being. We also know that you understand that relationships are the key to establishing that foundation.

What you might not know is that public awareness and understanding of infant mental health (IMH) and its core concepts isn’t quite where we would like it to be, especially as it relates to supporting and advocating for the needs of infants, very young children, and their families. It’s not enough that we are informed and inspired by the incredible science behind brain development and early, responsive relationships. It’s not enough that we are advocating for better professional development and practice strategies that align with current research and IMH best practices. It’s not enough that we recognize the need for all caregivers to be empowered and supported in building and using their own relational capacities to support young children’s development.

We need your help! We need our brothers, our sisters, our moms, and our dads to understand how the first one thousand days in the life of a child can have a huge impact on lifelong health, as well as contribute to stronger and healthier communities and societies. Business owners and community leaders need to understand IMH—because the building blocks of a strong, effective workforce are being put into place today, now–with every new baby just entering the world! And police officers, school teachers, as well as friends and neighbors in our communities need to understand IMH because the early investment means a return in child outcomes—learning and education, relationships, coping and healthy functioning–all the factors that matter when we consider our day-to-day lives, as well as the larger context of community and humankind.

So to that end, WI-AIMH is engaging in a new outreach and messaging plan for 2018 and our ask of you is simple: like, follow, and share. That’s it. Using the tagline, This is Infant Mental Health (IMH) (#ThisIsIMH), WI-AIMH will highlight important themes of IMH throughout the year– using articles, pictures, stories, and video to help educate, inform, and inspire the public. We will initiate this campaign on February 19th .

Your role? Look for the tagline This is IMH (#ThisIsIMH) in your news feeds, and like, follow, and share our posts. In doing so, we hope to increase public awareness and understanding of IMH by broadening our base of social media followers and subscribers.

Together, we can and will make a difference for our youngest children and their families in Wisconsin.
Thank you.