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The Children’s Mental Health Matters Coalition, a group of parents and professionals dedicated to promoting children’s mental health, is teaming up with community partners throughout Wisconsin for youth poster contest. Creating artwork is one way to support the development of children’s social emotional health. The theme of the poster contest is My Feelings Matter. The contest commemorates National Children’s Mental Health Awareness week in May and highlights its importance all year round.

Teachers, parents and caregivers may use this activity as a way to encourage youth to create art about their feelings and to conduct age-appropriate conversations about the importance of mental health. For more information and resources on how to promote positive mental health for all children, check out the community toolkit:

  • Entry age groups eligible to participate: (Note: Participants may not win the contest in consecutive years).
    • Preschoolers
    • K-2nd grade
    • 3rd grade-5th grade
    • 6th grade-8th grade
    • High school

All posters must meet the following standards:
Posters will be accepted now through March 31, 2018 (must be postmarked by 3/31/18)
All posters must express the theme: My Feelings Matter
Paper size MUST BE 11 inches X 17 inches.
Posters must be original artwork, and may contain multi-media components.
Posters must be created by one individual (no group posters will be accepted).
It is preferred that clear and readable text be included to describe the intent of the poster. Text may be written by the youth or dictated to an adult.
We retain the right to use text provided with the poster in any promotional pieces, poster displays, or other venues in relation to the poster contest or promoting children’s mental health awareness.
Using celebrities, cartoons, video games, characters, or other copyrighted images is not allowed.
DO NOT sign the front of the poster.

A FULLY COMPLETED & LEGIBLE registration form must be taped (not glued) to the back of each poster.
Only one (1) entry per youth will be accepted.
Posters will not be returned and may be used for future promotional purposes.
Parents and teachers may submit an entry on a youth’s behalf.
Any photographs included on the poster must be the property of the artist.
***Posters that do not meet these standards will not be considered***

Original posters must be mailed to:
Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health
133 South Butler Street, Suite 340
Madison, WI 53703

The Children’s Mental Health Matters Coalition will determine the finalists in each category. Finalists will be posted at Winners will be selected by a popular vote through the blog.

Notification of Winners:
Finalists will be notified by email or phone following the selection of the winning posters. Winning posters will be used to promote Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (May, 2018) and its importance year-round.

Click here to download the entry form!

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