Being lovingly held is the greatest spur to development, more so even than breastfeeding. It is no accident that the image of Madonna and child has become an icon in human culture.  In mother’s or father’s arms, where it is safe and warm, muscles can relax and breathing can deepen, as tensions are dispersed by gentle stroking or calm rocking. The baby’s heart rate has been found to synchronize with the parent heart rate.” – Sue Gerhardt, “Why love matters: how affection shapes a baby’s brain” (2004)

Tips for Supporting Secure Attachment:

  • Comfort children when they are hurt, ill, upset, frightened or lonely
    (hold, rock, shhhh, sing)
  • Spend time doing what you both enjoy
    (singing, rocking, playing, reading)
  • Let children know where you are going and when you will be back. Give children a sense of trust in the world
  • Accept the child’s feelings such as anger, jealousy, sadness, and fear
    Remember, all feelings are valid!
  • Be as predictable and consistent as possible in reacting to a child’s behavior
    Give children clear sense of rules
    Establish routines

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