Two upcoming training events are happening in November!

Pyramid Model Infant/Toddler Parent Module:  Parents Interacting with Infants

November 13, 2017

The Pyramid Model Infant Toddler parent module focuses on enhancing the social and emotional development of infants and toddlers by expanding on and strengthening parent-child interactions and relationships. While the primary emphasis is on parent-child groups, the module also addresses how the model can be applied to home visiting.

Participants of this workshop will learn:
 The characteristics and strategies of dyadic interactions
 Information and strategies for facilitators to support and enhance dyadic interaction (triadic support)
 Information and strategies for facilitators to support parents as observers (Developmental Observation Topic and Environmental plan)

This workshop session is most applicable for individuals who have responsibility to support parents in parenting practices through parenting groups, parent/child playgroups or home visits.

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Positive Solutions for Families Trainer of Facilitators

November 14, 2017

This is a trainer of facilitators on the Wisconsin Positive Solutions for Families content (updated Spring 2016). Facilitators use the materials to provide information and strategies for families of preschoolers to promote children’s social and emotional skills, understand their child’s challenging behavior, and use positive approaches to help children learn appropriate behavior. The Positive Solutions for Families content is designed to be delivered in 5-6 weeks of face to face parent networking sessions. The content aligns with Wisconsin’s Pyramid Model training
for teachers and has been updated to align with other Wisconsin information.

This workshop session is for anyone who 1) has a responsibility of providing parent education to families of preschoolers and 2) availability to facilitate parent groups. Participants who attend this
training will be able to train parents in evidence based practices to promote social emotional development and therefore decrease challenging behavior.

This Training is limited at the first 50 registrants.

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