by Carrie Finkbiner, WI-AIMH Director of Integrated Programming

As a member of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health, WI-AIMH has been asked to set a timeframe for requiring all IMH-Endorsed® professionals in Wisconsin to maintain IMH-Endorsement® by completing the renewal requirements. Starting in Calendar Year (CY) 2018 WI-AIMH will be requiring all IMH-Endorsed professionals to renew their IMH-Endorsement®.

There is no need to panic, the renewal requirements are very reasonable and Endorsed® professionals have all of calendar year 2018 to renew their WI-AIMH membership and attend the needed training. Although the renewal requirement goes into effect in CY 2018, you don’t actually have to submit anything until the end of the year i.e. December 2018.

Here are the Renewal requirements as determined by the Alliance for the Advancement of IMH:

1. Required: A minimum of 15 clock hours of training related to culturally-sensitive, relationship-focused practice promoting infant mental health
2. Required: Annual renewal of membership to an IMH Association (WI-AIMH, the World Association of IMH, or another state IMH Association).
3. Strongly recommended: WI-AIMH recommends that all Endorsed® professionals seek reflective supervision or consultation, particularly for those who provide reflective supervision or consultation.


Aside from the $60 Annual IMH Membership renewal, are there any other costs associated with renewing my IMH-Endorsement®? No, there are no other costs, aside from costs associated with attending training events.

How do I submit my IMH-E® Renewal? By 2018 there will be an option to renew your IMH-Endorsement® through the EASy online system. This option will be available by 2018, which means Endorsed® professionals will be able to log into their application and renew each year within their application.

I earned IMH Endorsement® before EASy was developed, how should I renew? There will be an option to create a placeholder within EASy for renewal purposes. Those updates are currently being made and tested and will be available in Wisconsin in 2018.

By what date will I need to submit renewal? Renewals for 2018 need to be submitted by January 31, 2019.

What happens if I do not renew my IMH-Endorsement®? If you do not renew, you will have until February 28th 2019 to submit the materials before being inactivated and removed from the endorsement registry.

What if someone becomes Endorsed® in 2018, would they be required to renew? Not in 2018. If an individual earns Endorsement® in 2018 he/she would not be required to submit renewal until CY 2019.

If I complete the Renewal requirements before the end of the year, can I submit early? You can submit your renewal at any time; however, note that WI-AIMH’s annual membership is based on the calendar year, from January to December, making it convenient to submit renewal toward the end of the CY when WI-AIMH membership expires.

WI-AIMH is very proud to have so many committed and passionate IMH professionals in the state. It has been wonderful to see the field and our state’s capacity grow over the past few years. Taking this step to require renewal of IMH-Endorsement® is part of this exciting growth and will further our efforts to provide WI infants, young children and families with high-quality, relationship-based, culturally sensitive services.