Some of the conference handouts are listed below.  Larger files can be found on our Conference Dropbox Page:

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Handouts listed by session

Keynote Address:   Building the Capacity of Preschools and Home Visitors through Infant/Early
Childhood Mental Health Consultation (Steier)

Building Capacity – Alison Steier keynote 2018

A3/C2:  Parent/Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (Perfetti/Hack)

A3 Perfetti/Hack Handout 1

A3 Perfetti/Hack Handout 2

A3 Perfetti/Hack Handout 3

A6:  Being with Babies, Beginning with Ourselves (Haack)

A6 Handout Haack

B3:  The Link Between Breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression:  How Providers Can Support Families (Becker Crabb)

B3 Becker Crabb Handout 1

B3 Becker Crabb Handout 2

B4:Growing Workforce Capacity: Creating a Social-Emotionally Focused Early Childhood Environment (Durand)

beavhior policy questionnaire

behavior policy visual

Behavior Protocol Communication Log

Behavior Protocol

Growing Workforce Capacity

Once Upon A Time

Teacher Checklist of Universal Practices

B6/C6: Remembering Your Way:  An Invitation to Rest, Reflect and Renew while Exploring Secondary Traumatic Stress (Otto/Pupeter)

B6 Otto and Pupeter Handout 2

D1:  Holding Ourselves, Holding our Families:  Mindfulness for Providers, Caregivers, and Children  (Hagenmaier/Gourley)

D1 Hagenmaier and Gourley Handout 1

D1 Hagenmaier and Gourley Handout 2

D3/E3:  “Rowing Together”  Creating Successful IECMH Partherships (Steier)

Rowing Together WIAIMH (2)

D6:  Understanding Reflective Practice:  A Relational Approach to Practice and Supervision (Halloran)

D6 Handout Halloran 1

D6 Handout Halloran 2

D6 Handout Halloran 3

Halloran RSC-Presentation

D7:  Yoga:  A port of entry for building mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotion regulation for service providers, caregivers, and families (Wickham)

D7 Handout Wickham

E5:  Music and Mental Health:  Building a Strong Foundation for Early Learners

E5 Handout Wolf

W1:  Gender Creative Early Learners (Russell/Dallman)

W1 Google Drive Link

W4:  Where the Rubber Meets the Road:  Trauma Informed Care, Organizational Culture Change, and the Parallel Process (Burns/O’Connor)

W4 Handout Burns 1