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Application Submittal and Exam Dates

Important Endorsement Dates:  2017

  • IMH-Endorsement Hours—Quarterly Calls to get help or support on the application
  • EASy application submittal dates
  • Review decisions
  • Exam dates

New! WI AIMH will now be hosting Infant Mental Health Endorsement® Office Hours.  These quarterly calls are open to anyone who has registered for IMH Endorsement® and started an application through the EASy system.  This is an opportunity to receive guidance and technical assistance on using EASy, completing the application or preparing for the exam.  Office hours are held one month before the submittal date to provide applicants with some extra support to complete the application by the next scheduled submittal date.  Join us for the whole hour, or drop in for as much of the conversation as your schedule allows. We respect the confidentiality of all IMH Endorsement® applicants so you will not be asked to identify yourself on the call.  This is a great opportunity to seek support and learn from others going through the IMH Endorsement® process!  The dates of the calls, as well as the conference line, are listed below in the chart.  All of the calls occur from 12-1 pm and will be hosted by Carrie Finkbiner, Director of Integrated Programming.

In 2017 the deadline to submit IMH-E® applications, for all endorsement categories, will occur on a quarterly basis.  In addition, we are offering the endorsement exam (Level III and Level IV applicants) on four separate occasions throughout the year (spring, summer, fall and winter) to provide more options and flexibility to applicants in planning and preparing as needed.

As a reminder, once an applicant submits their application through the EASy system, it can take up to 8 weeks to complete the application review.  After the first review is complete, the second reviewer is assigned.  During the review process a reviewer may request more information or clarification from the applicant.  The Director of Integrated Programming coordinates the communication and ensures that the applicant receives requests in a timely manner so that the review process is not unnecessarily delayed.

For Level III and IV applicants, once the application is approved, the applicant is eligible to sit for the endorsement exam.  The applicant can choose the exam date that works best for him/her, but should take the exam within 12 months of the application review process being completed.  After 12 months the applicant will need to update their EASy application, which includes securing new/updated reference ratings.  WI-AIMH staff will communicate with applicants to finalize the exam arrangements.