Over the past few years, WI-AIMH has been contacted numerous times by those in search of mental health providers for children ages 0-5. As part of our mission to improve access to services, WI-AIMH is seeking out qualified infant and early childhood mental health clinicians to be included in a provider database. This database will be used as a referral source for Wisconsin professionals and families. We are currently updating the Provider Directory. Please check back soon for our updated Directory.

If you are a currently licensed infant or early childhood mental health clinician or believe you are qualified to be listed in the database, we would like to invite you to participate. Please download and complete the Infant Mental Health Provider Form and return it to us as soon as possible.

If you need more information, this document describes the project in more detail. Questions should be directed to Melissa Minkoff at (608) 442-0360 or mminkoff@wiaimh.org


This directory is for informational use only. The clinicians included in this directory are self-identified. Inclusion in the infant mental health provider directory does not imply recommendation or endorsement by WI-AIMH, or any type of contract between WI-AIMH and providers. WI-AIMH is not responsible for any service provided by the clinicians listed in this directory. 

*This directory is currently being updated. The updated information will be available soon. Please direct any questions or concerns to Melissa Minkoff at mminkoff@wiaimh.org