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Below are the keynote and breakout session handouts for the 2014 Wisconsin Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Conference for you to download and print at your convenience. Some but not all breakout sessions will have handouts provided for you. This page will be updated regularly as more information is available.

Monday June 16

Morning Sessions
A1: Seeing is Believing®: Using Video-recording and Guided Reflection to Promote Parental Understanding and Sensitivity (M. Erickson)
A3: Primary Coach Approach to Teaming in Natural Environments (PCATT) (L. Wittemann, D. Romary)
A4: What Does ZERO TO THREE Have to Offer Early Childhood Providers (T. Ahlers, J. Yeary)
Afternoon Sessions
B1/C1: Beyond Postpartum Depression: Co-occuring Mental Health Concerns in the Postpartum Period (A. Copa, K. HIpke)
B2: Ethics and Boundaries in Relationship-Based Practices with Families (E. Wahl)
B3: Parenting Self-Efficacy: Supporting Fathers (M. Snitker-Magin)

Tuesday June 17

Morning Sessions
D3: Exploring the Developmental Needs of Children Entering Child Protective Services Bibliography (L.Wetzel, L.Irwin, A. Smith)
D4: Identification and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder / Identification and Diagnosis of ASD Case Study Handout (A.Heintzelman, C. Ray-Subramanian)
D5: The Path to Peaceful Family Life: Present Moment Parenting (K. Flood)
Afternoon Sessions
E1/F1: Exploring Reflective Practice Across Cultures, Clinicians, and Families (B. Stroud)
E2/F2: Connecting the Dots PDF (presentation) Connecting The Dots – Early Brain and Child Development (Resources) (K. Nackers, C. Holdon)
E3: Preventing Sleep Problems and Developing Healthy Sleep Habits in Young Children (M. Garbuz)
E4: Life is Filled with Human Interactions Engaging and Partnering (L. Seefeldt)
F3:A Collaborative Trauma Informed Approach to Support Teachers in Addressing Students Challenging Behaviors (J. Taylor-McBride, M. Murphy Garwood)