IECMHC cover pageThe first five years of life are a time of unparalleled brain development in young children.i Increasingly, the social and emotional needs of infants and young children are recognized as a critical component of school readiness, overall well-being and lifelong success.

Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) is an effective intervention strategy for building parent/caregiver capacity to support young children’s social and emotional development and to address challenging behaviors in the context of relationships across multiple settings and systems of care. As a result, more and more states and communities are investing in IECMHC.ii

As Wisconsin embraces IECMHC as a valuable early prevention and intervention strategy, it’s important to have a shared understanding of best practice guidelines regarding what IECMHC is, how it’s delivered and who should be providing it. The following guidelines were developed by a group of Wisconsin experts, chaired by the Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health, to ensure that high standards of practice are consistently maintained throughout the state.

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These guidelines were developed by the
Wisconsin Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Policy Committee
chaired by Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health.