Reflective Supervision Learning Collaborative Details

In-person learning sessions and Monthly Reflective Consultation

The first two days of the learning collaborative begins at the WI-AIMH 2018 Conference  at the Ostoff Resort, Elkhart Lake WI; the remaining in-person learning days occur throughout the 12 months; the location TBD.

The 5 in-person learning sessions:

Day 1:  WI-AIMH Conference Monday, June 11, 2018—8 hours

Day 2:  WI-AIMH Conference Tuesday, June 12, 2018—8 hours

Day 3:  Tuesday, November 2018—8 hours

Day 4:  Wednesday, November 2018—6 hours

Day 5:  Tuesday, May 2019—8 hours

Monthly Reflective Consultation

Each participant will receive up to 24 hours of reflective consultation by an experienced reflective supervisor/consultant.  The monthly, 2-hour reflective consultation groups will begin in July 2017 and end in July 2018.  These groups will be in person, located regionally and include up to 8 people.

Objectives of each Learning Session and Implementation Phase

Learning Session 1:  2-day learning session (WI-AIMH 2018 conference)

Objective:  Each participant will understand the basics of reflective supervision and will develop a plan to begin reflective supervision within their local program

  • What is Reflective Supervision and why is it critical to our work and well-being
  • Important elements of reflective supervision practice
  • Creating a safe holding place for reflection
  • Initiating reflective supervision within your program
  • Experiential Exploration
  • Demonstration/Fish bowl
  • Reflective consultation groups meet to plan next steps

Active Implementation Phase I:  4-5 months

Objective:  Each participant will initiate individual or group reflective supervision within their program in an ongoing, consistent manner (1x/week for individual for example, and 1x/month for groups), and begin receiving their own reflective support by participating in monthly, two-hour reflective consultation groups of 5-8 participants.  Groups will be organized by region and led by an experienced RS/C consultant.

Learning Session 2:  2-day training (November 2018)

Objective:  Each participant will deepen their learning and understanding of reflective supervision, and increase their confidence in providing reflective supervision.

  • Sharing challenges and successes in implementing reflective supervision
  • Deeper Exploration
    • Maintaining a reflective stance (pausing, slowing down, wondering, etc.)
    • Creating and maintaining a safe holding space
    • Keeping all the relationships in mind
    • Building strong teams
    • Staying present and regulated
    • Using a collaborative approach
  • Experiential Exploration
  • Next steps discussion related to local implementation

Active Implementation Phase II:  5 months

Objective:  Each participant will continue to provide reflective supervision within their program and gain more trust and confidence in themselves and the process.  Reflective consultation groups will continue to meet monthly for two hours.

Learning Session 3:  1-day training (May 2019)

Objective:  Each participant will develop a plan for sustained use of reflective supervision within their programs, receiving their own ongoing support, and for continued training and professional development.  Participants will understand how to initiate the IMH-Endorsement® process and develop a plan for starting endorsement.

  • Reflecting back on our experience as a group
  • Challenges and success in your work as a reflective supervisor
  • Staying well in your work and in your lives
  • Creating a culture of reflection and relational values within your organization
  • Securing your own, ongoing reflective support
  • Starting the IMH Endorsement® process
  • Connecting to ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Staying supported through WI-AIMH

Reflective Supervision Learning Collaborative—Requirements

The learning collaborative is designed for master’s prepared professionals who supervise infant/early childhood professionals and are ready to implement reflective supervision within their programs and pursue IMH Endorsement® upon completion of the learning collaborative experience.

Participants must meet or agree to the following:

  • Hold a Master’s degree in a child/family-related field (social work, counseling, family studies, psychology)
  • Supervise infant/early childhood serving professionals
  • Implement reflective supervision within their program while participating in the learning collaborative with the intent to sustain practice
  • Apply for IMH Endorsement®
  • Participate in all in-person learning events and monthly group reflective consultation
  • Pay fees for participating in the training ($1000)


To preview the Reflective Supervision Learning Collaborative Registration Application, click here.