Important Message on Billing for Clinical Mental Health Consultation

As of July 1 2018, Mental Health Clinicians can bill for mental health clinical consultation for members who are students under the age of 21 who are covered under the Outpatient Mental Health Services benefit. This includes children in childcare and preschool settings.

"Mental health clinical consultations are reimbursable services when provided by enrolled mental health providers currently allowed to render outpatient mental health services to any of the following:

• Educator teams

• Individual educators

• School staff

Mental health clinical consultations may be provided via telephone or face-to-face interviews. The content and duration of the mental health clinical consultation must be documented. Mental health clinical consultations follow the same documentation requirements as other outpatient mental health services. These requirements can be found in the Documentation chapter of the Provider Enrollment and Ongoing Responsibilities section of the Outpatient Mental Health service area of the ForwardHealth Online Handbook at

Note: This policy does not apply to the School-Based Services benefit. For coverage information regarding the School-Based Services benefit, refer to the School-Based Services service area of the Online Handbook."

Infant Mental Health clinicians can use procedure code H0046 to bill for their services

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Melissa Minkoff