New Membership Information for 2019

  • Individual Membership is a shorter, quicker, more streamlined form

  • Group membership is a 2-step process. First, go to STEP 1 to pay for your group membership. Second, go to STEP 2 to add your group members’ names and contact information. Please note: Your membership can’t be processed until both steps have been completed.

How do I find my WI-AIMH Member Number?


 1.   When you complete your membership application, you receive an email confirmation from

2.   Click on the link in this email to "View/Print Tickets"

Your member number can be found under the QR Code.

All professionals who work with or on behalf of infants, young children, and their families can benefit from WI-AIMH membership. By joining WI-AIMH, you will be able to connect with colleagues from different systems and disciplines, stay informed on professional development opportunities, receive reduced registration rates at WI-AIMH conferences, share your expertise and experience through submission of newsletter articles, and much more.
For just $60 per year ($5 a month!) you can enjoy all the benefits of WI-AIMH membership, including:

  • Access to substantially discounted rates on WI-AIMH’s professional development events, including WI-AIMH’s highly rated annual Conference. (Hint:  The Conference discount alone more than pays for your annual membership!)

  • Special recognition at the annual conference, in the form of a button, ribbon, or similar item to distinguish you as a member.

  • Access to the IMH-Endorsement process by meeting one of the qualifications (membership in an IMH organization).  Further your Endorsement profile by joining or renewing your membership.  IMH-Endorsement recognizes your training and experience as an IMH professional

  • The ability to have a voice in recognizing excellence in the field of IMH by voting for the finalists of the Jim Ryan Award

  • Access to special members-only professional development events

  • Access to regional and local IMH events and networking as part of a WI-AIMH regional chapter

  • Be the first to know about upcoming WI-AIMH-sponsored Reflective Supervision and Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Groups

… and more!

Regional Chapters

WI-AIMH has a membership of over 500 professionals statewide and a contact list reaching more than 3500 Wisconsinites and tribal members within WI's 11 tribal nations. Today WI-AIMH is making a difference in the lives of infants and young children by supporting the work of the professionals who interact with their families as well as through piloting infant mental health efforts directly with families in partnership with local organizations. Through training, coaching, and implementation technical assistance, providers across disciplines receive support in basic, intermediate, and leading-edge relational strategies that are science-based to improve child, family, and community outcomes. WI-AIMH's systematic approach to infant mental health allows a diverse cadre of interdisciplinary professionals to strengthen promotion, prevention, early intervention, targeted supports, and therapeutic interventions designed to meet the unique mental health needs of young children and families.

Developing regional chapters increases access to workforce development and networking efforts to strengthen access to quality care. By delivering and engaging providers with more frequency in the region, the costs for professional development are reduced significantly. In 2016, at the request of local partners in the NE part of WI, WI-AIMH developed and piloted a regional chapter system that was launched in 2017.  Two additional regions joined as chapters since then and early childhood professionals and leaders from the Western region are currently working with the WI-AIMH Assistant Director to launch a chapter in 2019. The level of engagement is high and so too is the demand for supports. While membership dues provide a modest level of support, the demand for learning, networking, and access to program implementation supports is higher than WI-AIMH’s current staffing capacity to respond.  Chapters are a core strategy for maintaining momentum around infant mental health promotion, prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts.  

Regional WI-AIMH chapters are well positioned to act as a catalyst for rigorous professional development.  When professionals organize together to prepare for and apply for Infant Mental Health Endorsement, their success rates increase.  Endorsement is not only important because it provides nationally renowned professional recognition, it’s important because it provides peace of mind to employers and participants in services that the professionals working with them are highly skilled.  For children and families, endorsement means better quality and healthier outcomes.  Chapters also increase opportunities to network, collaborate, and fill in the gaps in services.  There is a wealth of knowledge among Chapter members. The opportunity to take more than a decade of collaboration between WI-AIMH and local professionals to the next level, will only strengthen regional capacity to better support healthy social and emotional development of children in the context of their most important relationships.