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Touchpoints Training

From Brazelton Touchpoints Training Center

Reflective practice serves as a catalyst for critical thinking about past interactions and as a tool for enhancing use of the approach in current and future work with families. It is the key to sustaining use of the Touchpoints approach. To support integration of Touchpoints into practice, 6 1 hour-long sessions of reflective practice (they can be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks apart and a maximum of 4 weeks apart) will be offered via conference calls. For Touchpoints training to be considered complete, participants are required to participate in 4 sessions in order to receive certificates of completion.

Target Audience

Professionals working to support families with children birth – 5 years

This nationally offered training provides a practical, preventive approach that supports professionals in forming strength-based partnership with families. Touchpoints offers opportunities for providers to support parents in understanding their child’s behavior and strengths leading to a stronger emotional bond, which is critical to a child’s development.

Professionals receive three days of interactive and learner-centered training followed by six months of reflective practice to apply their learning to the everyday interactions with families.

Key Content:

 The impact of parent-child-provider relationships on a child’s development in the early years of life

 Understanding the process of a child’s development and looking at how and why change in behavior occurs

 Strategies for understanding development and partnering with parents

 A common language in creating a community where families feel supported to reach their fullest potential


Dates/Times: February 5-7 9am– 4:15pm

Location: Best Western Premier Bridgewood Resort Hotel, Neenah

Fee: $75

Trainers: Cindy Muhar, Connie Dunlap, Franchesca Vasquez

Sponsored by UW Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership

Register in PDS #12410

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UW Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership

FAN: Advanced Engagement and Reflective Practice

The FAN training, developed by Linda Gilkerson at the Erikson Institute, is a framework for family engagement through attunement in interactions and reflective practice. Concrete strategies are provided for assessing attunement and adapting your approach to increase and deepen engagement. This training will include monthly coaching calls for supervisors and required submission of implementation tools by direct service providers to support application and implementation of what is learned into your practice.

DATE: Feb 20-21 and September 18, 2019

LOCATION: Fond du Lac

FEE: $75.00

Register through PDS #12405

Trainers: Staci Sontoski, Lana Nenide

This session if for teams of direct service professionals and their supervisor, and if applicable, mental health consultants sup-porting teams. This framework is relevant for Home Visiting, Child Welfare, Birth to Three, Head Start and other related types of work with families.

Objectives include learning the following :

• The 5 Core Processes and how to use them to increase engagement and effective-ness of your work.

• The ARC of the visit/ interaction.

• How to use this framework to increase reflective capacity.

• How to enhance the relationship building process with parents, especially those who are hard to engage

• How to build off strengths and increase capacities with problem solving

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Melissa Minkoff