Upcoming Training Event: Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO)

UW Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership with UW-Madison Department of Psychiatry

Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO)

The NBO, developed by Brazelton, is a structured set of observations designed to help the practitioner and parent together, to observe the infant's behavioral capacities and identify the kind of support the infant needs for his/her successful growth and development. It is a relationship-based tool designed to foster the parent-infant relationship. It describes the infant's capacities and provides parents with individualized information about their infant's behavior, so that they can appreciate their baby's unique competencies and vulnerabilities and thereby understand and respond to their baby, in a way that meets her/his developmental needs.


Dates and Times: April 3 9:30 a.m. —4:00 p.m. April 4 9:30 a.m.—4:00 p.m.

Location: Hotel Marshfield, Marshfield WI

Trainers : Gretchen Crabb OT, MS, Janna Hack, LCSW, IMH-E

Fee: $50 includes food, class materials, coaching and mentoring, AND NBO kit Space is limited, register today!

Suggested Hotel accommodations at Holiday Inn Riverfront

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

1.become familiar with current findings on neurobehavioral development and early parent-infant relationship

2.become familiar with the content and uses of the NBO

3.Learn how to administer the NBO to make behavioral observations of new born behavioral patterns

4.How to interpret these observations from a developmental point-of-view and how to communicate this information to parents as a form of guidance

Register through PDS using locator # 12427

Participants will need to complete 5 observations to become certified.

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Melissa Minkoff