WI-AIMH Recommended Reading: "Seventh Generation Earth Ethics: Native Voices of Wisconsin" by Patty Loew

This summer, WI-AIMH staff is sharing summer reading recommendations with our social media audiences. Look for a new post every Thursday for a book selection and thoughts from a member of Team WI-AIMH.

Week Four: Melissa reads Seventh Generation Earth Ethics: Native Voices of Wisconsin by Patty Loew

"The Ojibwe Seventh Generation philosophy, a principle embraced by many other Native peoples, cautions decision makers to consider how their actions will affect seven generations into the future—some 240 years.  It discourages “me-first” instant gratification and instead reinforces unselfishness, community-mindedness, and an ethic of sustainability.”

“In this book, Loew profiles prominent figures from each of Wisconsin’s twelve indigenous nations.  Activists, environmentalists, preservers of  language and culture —  the biographies of these individuals highlight each of their dedication and connection to the land, and ways that their work helped shape and nurture their communities.  The biographies are inspiring and speak to the tradition of sustainability that many Wisconsinites have embraced throughout the years.  They demonstrate the importance of continuing the work of  our ancestors and contemporaries and compel us to join in their efforts  to create a more sustainable future and a better world for the generations who will follow us." - - Melissa, Team WI-AIMH

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Melissa Minkoff