WI-AIMH Recommended Reading: "Stick and Stone" by Beth Ferry

This summer, WI-AIMH staff is sharing summer reading recommendations with our social media audiences. Look for a new post every Thursday for a book selection and thoughts from a member of Team WI-AIMH.

Week Seven: Jenny reads Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

"Being a busy mom, I rarely have time to enjoy an adult book, which makes it exciting when I can find a children’s book I can learn from as much as my kids can. Stick and Stone is a delightful rhyming story of two very different characters, Stick and Stone, who find themselves lonely and longing for a friend to play with. When they find each other they are delighted to see that despite their differences they take joy in their play. When Pinecone friend comes along and is unkind to Stone, Stick takes the opportunity to stand up for his new friend, telling Pinecone to “vanish”. The friendship grows between Stick and Stone until one day they are separated. Stone searches for his friend until he finds him in a “muddy” situation. Their friendship is strengthened as Stone rescues Stick. The story ends with the illustration of Pinecone joining Stick and Stone and reflecting on the unkind words that were said. Pinecone was forgiven and found joy in the new friendship as well. The simplicity of the narrative and clear emotion illustrations provided a perfect opportunity to talk with my children about the differences between the characters, emotions that they share even though they look different, friendship skills developed, and tough choices when unkind situations occur and ultimately the repair that occurred when Pinecone rejoined and was accepted by Stick and Stone. This story was a great reminder that even though differences occur between us, we all feel emotions. We may feel uneasy in these friendships at first, but the relationship is strengthened as you spend more time together and navigate tough situations together. This book helps the adult reader reflect: when we are strained by “unkind” words, especially when we witness this in our friend, family, or professional circles, how do we handle these situations? Do we step back and let it happen or do we stand up and start conversation?"

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Melissa Minkoff