WI-AIMH Recommended Reading: "Beloved" by Toni Morrison

This summer, WI-AIMH staff is sharing summer reading recommendations with our social media audiences. Look for a new post every Thursday for a book selection and thoughts from a member of Team WI-AIMH.

Week Three: Lana reads Beloved by Toni Morrison

"In light of the recent passing of the amazing Toni Morrison – I wanted to share this photo I took of her portrait. Look at her – standing straight, present, strong, unapologetic. She is not here to please and make things feel pretty – she is here to tell the truth and make things right. She is an incredible story-teller. And she is a truthful one.

I found the portrait at the National Portrait   Gallery in DC last spring and was drawn, called to it. In fact, I had to come back the next day after discovering it, to see Toni again. At that point, I just finished reading “Beloved” and was moved and pulled by the depth, pain and yet hope of the story. And I felt that Toni was giving me strength. “You are your best thing, Sethe” – what an incredible, validating, loving line. “Beloved” takes time to process, it is haunting and emotional and yet, it is a necessary read. We can’t turn away from pain. And we have to remember there is hope."    - - Lana, Team WI-AIMH

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Melissa Minkoff