Do you have questions about IMH-Endorsement® Renewal? Download our step-by-step guide!

As of 2018, WI-AIMH will be requiring all IMH-Endorsed professionals to renew their IMH-Endorsement®.  WI-AIMH has created a renewal guide to help walk you through this process.

The Renewal requirements as determined by the Alliance for the Advancement of IMH are as follows: 

  1. Required: A minimum of 15 clock hours of training related to culturally-sensitive, relationship-focused practice promoting infant mental health

  2. Required: Annual renewal of membership to an IMH Association (WI-AIMH, the World Association of IMH, or another state IMH Association).

  3. Strongly recommended: WI-AIMH recommends that all Endorsed® professionals seek reflective supervision or consultation, particularly for those who provide reflective supervision or consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Aside from the $60 Annual IMH Membership renewal, are there any other costs associated with renewing my IMH-Endorsement®? 

No, there are no other costs, aside from costs associated with attending training events.

How do I submit my IMH-E® Renewal?

By 2018 there will be an option to renew your IMH-Endorsement through the EASy online system. This option is not currently available but it will be available by 2018, which means Endorsed® professionals will be able to log into their application and renew each year within their application. 

I earned IMH Endorsement® before EASy was developed, how should I renew? For individuals who earned Endorsement before EASy was developed, a form will be provided to record the requirements for renewal.

By what date will I need to submit renewal? Renewals will be due by January 31 of each year; therefore, for CY 2018 you will have until January 31, 2019 to submit your renewal. 

If someone becomes Endorsed® in 2018, would they be required to renew? Not in 2018. If an individual earns Endorsement® in 2018 he/she would not be required to submit renewal for CY 2018, but would be required to submit renewal for CY 2019.   

WI-AIMH will continue to send notices, reminders and additional information so that you feel well-prepared for this change. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact WI-AIMH at or by calling (608) 442-0360.